Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blog News! Edition 3 - Jan, 20th

What's going on?
Sidewalk Sales  
Jan. 15th-23rd 
Many Stores! Quality Items!
30% - 50% OFF
Out With The Old....In With The New 
Jan. 10th-31st
New Releases and Gachas!!

Key to my Heart Hunt
Jan. 20th - Feb. 16st

See Prizes and Hints here: 

More coming soon! Stay tuned...

Winter Frenzy Sales 
Jan. 29th-31st
50 Stores with 35L Deals! Gachas!
Winter Frenzy Hunt!!

 The Swan Faire 
Jan. 28th to Feb, 1st
Merchants: applications are open! 
Contact: AelKennyr Rhiano or
Faelaoselle (blackdragonwarrior Resident) by January 25th
Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Feb. 7th - Mar. 7th

The Round's Theme:
Starwars Vs. Game of Thrones


The events listed above are friends and partners events! :D

Except for "Winter Frenzy Sales", that is a 35L Event!