Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog News! Edition 1 - Jan, 6th

What's going on?

5th Vintage Gacha Fair
 From 4th to 10th January 2016!
The best gacha machines from past editions
of the best events in the grid!
Every creator offered a gift!
What's just about going on?
Out With The Old Gacha
The event will run from 10th to 31st january!
Be ready!! :)

More coming soon! Stay tuned...

Winter Frenzy Sales
Jan. 29th-31st
50 Stores with 35L Deals!
Winter Frenzy Hunt!!

 The Swan Faire
Jan. 28th to Feb, 1st
Merchants: applications are open! 
Contact: AelKennyr Rhiano or
Faelaoselle (blackdragonwarrior Resident) by January 25th
 The events listed above are friends and partners events! :D

Except for "Winter Frenzy Sales", that is a 35L Event!