New Merchant APP


Due RL problem APPs are taking few time to be analyzed.
Please just send an application to join if your store suit the requirements below.

* After send the app, the answer may take a while, but I try to reply to all. :)

* The focus of the list is Rustic/Gorean/Medieval, where we have our greatest public. But we also have shops with modern items. The preference for new stores is always for Rustic/Gorean/Medieval/Fantasy.

* You must be an designer/builder/creator to participate.

* More than 6 months established.

* No resellers. No Gachas Prizes Resellers. No yard sales. No copyrights issues. No outlets. No warehouses.

* No Arts/Frames with Pictures get for free from WEB. Just if they are Public Domain.

* No Arts/Frames Stores only.

* Your store should have a sufficient amount of items, at least 30 different design items, this not included different colors.

* The item(s) being presented for the 35L Sunday List are of a significantly higher value, same quality from other items and represent a real discount and opportunity for the shoppers. At least L$ 99 regular price. *** IMPORTANT ***

* It is required that someone be a member of the group (owner or manager). Bots will not be accepted. The member must follow the notices on group.

* The 35L Sunday Subscriber/Wall Sign MUST be displayed prominently in your shop as soon you receive the merchant kit.

* Sale runs from Sunday 12am SLT to 12pm SLT. Items must to be ready for this period.

* You are not required to submit sale items every week but you are expected to participate at least once a month.

* You are not required to offer new items every week. But the public does not want to see/buy outdated products or totally out of SL today.

* We are not accepting marketplace stores only. You need have a in-world store.

    35L Merchant Application