Merchant Application

We are receiving applications for new stores!
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Rules & Requirements
  • You must be an original designer/builder/creator to participate. 
  • No resellers.
  • The 35L Sunday Subscriber/Wall Sign MUST be displayed prominently in your shop.
  • The weekly 35L Sunday Sale Note Card Giver must be rezzed by your sale item each week.  The note card giver and the current list are sent out Saturday evening via the merchants group.
  • Submission Note Cards are due by 6:00 PM SATURDAY SLT, for the following day's list.
  • Sale runs from Sunday 12am SLT to 12pm SLT
  • You are not required to submit sale items every week but you are expected to participate at least once a month.  
  • If you decide to leave 35L Sunday, we ask for you to responsibly let us know so we may remove your info off blog.
  • Stores that do not have a physical location in-world will be accepted.
  • We accept 35L Sunday listings for Marketplace.  These entries will work just like the in-world entries on the list, but will lead our customers to Marketplace rather than a landmark.  
  • It is expected that the item(s) being presented for the 35L Sunday List are of a significantly higher value and represent a real discount and opportunity for the shoppers.
  • It is required that someone be a member of the group (owner or manager). Bots will not be accepted.
Merchant Application

You can apply to join 35L Sunday Sales by:

IMPORTANT: Please read "Rules & Requirements" before applying! 

Information that you must send:
  • Store Name:
  • Contact SL Name:
  • Contact e-mail:
  • LM:
  • SLurl:
  • Marketplace url:
  • Blog or homepage:
  • Logo Picture:
  • What do you sell:
  • Agreement: "I understand and agree with the rules and requirements from 35L Sunday Sales"
We will reply as soon as possible!